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the crisis of success

and: inner resourcing for the ebb and flow of success and failure

Last week I posted these reflections to my Instagram stories and then compiled them into an IG post. In case you’re not over there (or if the algo didn’t show you, which y’know, happens) I wanted to share these thoughts here.

We spend so much time fearing failure that we don’t often consider the impact of success—what happens if and when we achieve our wildest dreams? Are we prepared for that? Do we have the inner resourcing set up to sustain the inevitable ebb and flow of success and failure throughout our lives?

This is EXACTLY the kind of deep work we’ll be doing inside The Fool’s Portal for the next six weeks.

The Fool’s Portal is a power space.

The Fool’s Portal is a reclamation space.

The Fool’s Portal is an energetic activation space.

The Fool’s Portal is an experiential space.

The Fool’s Portal is an initiation space.

We are moving from the head to the heart.

We are moving from beautiful ideas and concepts into an embodied understanding of everything I talk about.

Over the course of our six weeks together, we will go deeper with different tools for rewilding creativity and I will certainly share what I have learned over the years.

But more importantly, I will guide you through a series of potent, powerful, and transformative experiences so that you can experientially reconnect to your own seat of creative power and expressive autonomy.

You are your ultimate authority, and while you may conceptually understand this, I am going to help you unequivocally know it by locating your internal power source.

No more outsourcing your creative validation.

No more ceding your authority to supposed “experts.”

The Fool’s Portal will catalyze your creative journey and catapult you onto the wild path of your Inner Fool.

Claim your creative birthright and connect to the wild frequency of your own wise creative impulses.

We begin this week.

The final day to register is TODAY: May 17!

If you’re feeling called, I hope you’ll be there.

Enter The Fool's Portal

Oh and highly recommend you watch STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie on Apple+ if you can! So worth your time. Check out the preview here.

Until next time,

Stay weird.


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Lisa Quigley